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Elase Motif: A New Picture in Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

Offering a new gold standard in hair removal, Depilex is proud to offer the new pain-free laser hair removal system powered by elos from aesthetic leaders Syneron Candela. This new laser features the combined energy technology of laser diode light (810mm) and Radio Frequency treating all skin types and colours, resulting in long term hair removal in as little as 4-6 treatments!

Motif's Deep Dermal Penetration means longer lasting results and all hair types and most hair colours including fine facial hair, can be treated. Ladies can now breathe a sigh of relief when discovering that Motif uses a fast-acting, Contact Cooling Device which makes the treatment comfortable! The laser head gently glides over skin offering a warm massage sensation, with very little sensation of hair being zapped.

Why choose Motif over traditional hair removal treatments?

Because Motif harnesses Radio Frequencies to boost the light energy, it is highly effective, extremely fast and very comfortable compared to traditional laser hair removal.

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Male Torso Before
Male Torso After
(4 treatments)
Under Arm Before
Under Arm After
(2 treatments)

The latest in "pain-free" hair removal, the Motif (eLase) from Syneron Candela is so effective that it had the accolade of sponsoring the British synchronised swimming team at the London 2012 Olympics.

The new laser combines radio-frequency with laser diode light and is powered by the company's start-of-the-art elos technology to offer deep dermal penetration and longer lasting results. Because Motif harnesses RF to boost the energy, it is highly effective, extremely fast and very comfortable compared to traditional laser hair removal. It is also safer as it uses less optical energy.

This use of RF also makes the treatment less painful as if builds up an accumulative heat and more directly heats the hair follicle rather than the tissue surrounding it. The Motif can be used to treat all skin types and all hair colours, including fair facial hair, in as little as four treatments and, as it also utilises a fast acting Contact Cooling Device, the treatment is virtually pain free.


What areas of the body can be treated?
Treat unwanted hair growth on all body areas including: upper lip, cheeks, chin, neck, breasts, stomach, arms, shoulders, bikini area, legs and back.

How does hair removal work?
Hair follicles are precisely targeted and destroyed using the revolutionary elōs combination of bipolar radio frequency and optical energies.

Is hair removal with Motif right for me?
Both men and women can achieve permanent hair reduction on almost all body areas. Only elōs is proven to remove lighter colored hair, on all skin tones. To achieve a successful outcome on lighter hair colors, more treatments may be needed compared to darker hair colors.

When can I expect to see results?
Hair growth is reduced after each treatment. The number of treatments required will be based on your hair color and type, body area, and skin tone.

Does it hurt?
The new Motif treatment is a virtually pain free treatment. Cooling of the skin surface as well as constant measurement of the skin’s resistance ensures safety and comfort during treatment. This is a no-downtime procedure. Patients can return to normal activities immediately after treatment.